Robert Mann, Cleaning Collectable Rugs: Some Considerations on Technique and Results

Krimsa Fine Rugs and Decor and SFBARS (San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society) welcome the Association of Rug Care Specialists with speaker Robert Mann of Robert Mann Oriental Rugs Inc., Denver, Colorado.

Friday, October 17th @ 7:30 p.m.

2190 Union Street
San Francisco California 94123 

'Cleaning Collectable Rugs: Some Considerations on Technique and Results'

If cleaning is 'not a reversible treatment' -  a fundamental principal in conservation science - how does one approach these processes when the need for cleaning seems imperative. Textiles often arrive in the hands of collectors and dealers soiled and abused. How do you decide what to do? What can be done? What are the risks? Who does this work? Can you do it yourself?

Beginning with an overview of cleaning techniques and process we will move on to some of the questions collectors and dealers often have.

- Can cleaning damage a weaving?
- Is it only synthetic dyes that 'bleed' or run?
- Can color run be removed?
- What about stains?
- Has  every dark or yellowed Turkman weaving
   been 'smoked', as they are often described?
- What is lost if a textile is 'too clean'?
- Is there such a thing as too clean?

There are a lot more questions. Come for a short slide presentation and talk followed by lively Q&A with speaker and audience. Bring small pieces for show and tell if you wish.

Robert Mann Bio:

After traveling in rug producing countries in the 1970's Robert Mann took a job as an apprentice rug repair man working with Hamid Sharifzadeh, an Iranian rug restorer in the United States.  In 1978 he founded Robert Mann Oriental Rugs Inc. which has grown into a business offering cleaning, restoration, and appraisal services to private individuals, dealers, and institutions. RMOR specializes in hand woven textiles; 'oriental rugs', Navajo, and Spanish weaving of the American Southwest. RMOR also represents Antique Textile Restoration, offering restoration of textiles of all sorts at their workshop in Izmir, Turkey.

The lecture will be followed by a reception hosted at...

2190 Union Street
San Francisco California 94123

Friday, October 17, 2014
Time 7:30 PM

co-sponsored by SFBARS 

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